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The Brightest of Us

In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.

    Pack of Clashing Storms camp

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    Pack of Clashing Storms camp

    Post by Leopard Spots on Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:07 pm

    A grassy clearing in the forest surrounded by a group of ancient, knotted trees. The roots of the trees tore up huge hollows and caves in the ground, which, along with tightly grown bushes, forming perfect dens for the wolves of the pack. A clump of thorn bushes around a huge, hollow tree creates the perfect shelter for mothers and their pups. One slanted tree's roots create a den-like structure that the alpha resides in, with flowers woven into the roots on the side for decoration. He looks upon the pack from the top of the twisted tree. The Spirit-talker resides in a hollow boulder with colorful paintings of dreams on the walls. Omegas usually rest in clover patches, but during storms, which occur frequently, they hide in unused caves and sometimes other pack member's caves if they have pity on them.

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