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The Brightest of Us

In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.


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    Post by Leopard Spots on Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:39 pm

    Hello, new members! Right now, the site is under construction, but here's a compelling intro and explanation for the roleplay.


    Okay, so the structure is based vaguely off Wolves of the Beyond, and this site is kind of a love child of WotB and Warriors. It takes place in a sort of post-apocalyptic world where humans are incredibly rare and wolves are rising in intelligence and power, given the gifts not only of communication and fire making, but also of story telling and artwork.

    Wolf culture

    The wolves of the land live in 5 main packs (which in the originals had hundreds of wolves but I doubt we'd get that far) and have their own myths, cultures, and religion. They all follow a quite similar belief that all dead wolves go to the Spirit Pack and that wolves were created by the mighty Lupus, but further than that is twisted from tale to tale. The Spirit-talkers are supposed to be the only ones to communicate with the Spirit Pack (but stuff happens), and they paint out their experiences on the walls of caves.

    Beginning of the packs

    Originally, there was one united pack, but after the leader of that one died, the entire land fell into chaos and war. Eventually, the first ever Spirit-talker managed to unite them into the five packs, named for their first alphas. Clashing Thunder claimed the valley forest, Roaring River claimed the delta, Moon's Shadow chose the plains by the ocean, Swift Breeze chose the great, grassy hills, and Falling Star chose the mountain range. There was temporary peace, but inevitably, the wars started up again. Spirit Talker gathered the packs once again and spoke the Code of Lupus to ensure that the packs lived in harmony. War still happens, but the results are less devastating now than they were before laws.

    What you're doing

    But what about long after the founders and Spirit Talker are dead? What about when peace is failing again? It's up to you decide the fates of the wolves.

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