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The Brightest of Us

In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.

    Code of Lupus

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    Code of Lupus

    Post by Leopard Spots on Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:44 pm

    1. Life: Lives should never be taken unnecessarily, whether wolves or other animals. Wolves should be killed only in the honor or battle or self-defense, prey only as necessary for food, and dangerous animals only if their life threatens yours, never for sport.

    2. Justice: Wolves should not decide how to punish another for their crimes on their own, that is not justice, that is taking fate into your own paws. Only the alpha or Spirit-talker is in the position for punishment.

    3. War: Battles and wars should only occur when necessary, and be fought with honor in mind. Wolves should never be trapped and killed like prey, but should fight with dignity.

    4. Faith: The word of the Spirit-talker should always be upheld and never cast aside. Killing one who talks for the Spirit Pack is a crime beyond horrible, no matter the reason. In turn, a Spirit-talker should always speak the truth, and never speak to manipulate their pack, only to deliver the words of their ancestors and guide the wolves of the Physical world
    5. Loyalty: Never should a wolf turn on their alpha or pack. The best for the pack must always be in mind when preforming any action.
    6. Protection: Pups are sacred to the pack, though tiny, they hold the future of the pack in their paws. Pups must be protected at all costs, whether they're from your own pack or from one you're at war with, they deserve protection.

    7. Revenge: If you and another wolf have a strife that cannot be worked out through word, an honorable duel must be called at the training grounds of your pack, and a fight should never end in death if they're in your pack.

    8. Love: Though you can have friendships with wolves in other packs, you should never choose one as your mate, no matter how much you love them, do not let romance cloud your loyalty. Do not force another wolf of your pack to love you, for if the love is true, you will let them decide how to live their own life, and if they want, they can choose to be with you.

    9. Memory: The elders of the pack, whether retired or not, should be upheld. They may be slowing and starting to loose their use, but they are not omegas, they have seen history pass through their life. They should always be respected, their songs of spirits and stories of old times should always have an ear to listen, and they should be cared for like pups but respected like gammas.

    10. Lupus: All wolves are the creations of me, and all should be treated as such. All wolves deserve to hear from the Spirit Pack and my own pack, all wolves deserve hospitality a family, and a pack to love. Ranks and honor must be upheld in the great five packs, and the words of our pack must resound clear, no killing, no more treating wolves like vermin, no more trapping and murdering loners like they're coyotes. I respect all wolves have free-will, but these laws must be upheld to keep order and peace, or another great war will begin, and darkness and death will once again plague the wolves of these mountains.

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