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In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.

    Ranks meaning

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    Ranks meaning

    Post by Leopard Spots on Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:46 pm

    Spirit Talker: Arguably the highest position, the Spirit-talkers are the bridge-way between Earth and Lupus's territory(the Spirit Pack and others) and the doctors of the pack. They heal the wolves and receive advice from the Spirit pack. Some are even said to have spoken to Lupus himself, though the descriptions of him vary so much it is most likely that these are false claims.

    Spirit Talker's apprentice: The wolf selected by the Spirit-talker or revealed in a sign to succeed them, serve mostly as nurses in this position, doing more of the healing that the Spirit Talker doesn't have time for and fetching needed supplies, as well as reassuring the pack in times of trouble.

    Alpha: The leader of the pack, the wolf in charge of decisions regarding the whole pack and keeping everyone safe and in line. Chosen by the previous alpha to be a beta and succeeding them after they died/retired. Highest rank in the pack, also in charge of representing their pack at meetings among other alphas. Choose the rank of initiates who have completed training based on their abilities.

    Betas: The second and third in command of the pack, in charge of minor decisions and helping with things regarding the pack, could be referred to as commanders, as their main role is keeping everything in line and functioning. If it comes to battle, they direct their pack in action to chase off the enemies.

    Gammas: The generals and advisors of the pack, chosen for their intelligence for helping with decision making regarding the pack and issues among the pack, in charge of personally checking in and making sure every individual member is okay and taking any complaints or problems to the betas or alpha (possibly Spirit-talker) to help sort out.

    Deltas: Lower ranking generals of the pack, charged with organizing hunting parties and guard patrols to get food and protect the territory from invaders. For big hunts, they personally help with the whole thing, directing the pack in action for catching big prey like moose and elk.

    Epsilon: In charge of training the initiates to survive in the pack, with basic skills for hunting and fighting, usually older wolves near retirement.

    Zetas: The swiftest members of the pack, in charge of doing most jobs that involve getting somewhere quickly. Usually messengers of the pack, for delivering important messages to other packs, and play an important rule in hunting, for finding the target and chasing it down. On the battlefield, they are scouts, who find the enemy and deliver their location to the rest of the pack, bringing important messages across the fight when necessary but usually avoiding the actual battle.

    Packers: Regular wolves doing ordinary tasks for their pack, like providing food and guarding the territory. Some specialize more in one or the other.

    Mothers: A female who is near giving birth to pups or is in the process of raising them, no real rank as it is usually temporary, though some choose to stick around when they're older to help out.
    (Pups: Young wolves 0-8 moons old who have recently been born and are too young to provide for the pack)

    Retired wolves: Wolves who have grown too old to provide for the pack anymore, usually just tell stories to younger packmates and give friendly advice

    Initiates: Pups, usually aged 8-14 moons, who are learning to survive and provide for the pack. At 14 moons, they are considered grown, and must showcase their skills to the alpha for them to choose the rank.

    Omegas: Wolves being punished or have been deemed useless by the alpha, get last pick for food and not allowed a proper den, keep themselves busy with odd-jobs like cleaning up around camp or pup-sitting, sometimes used by epsilons and betas to demonstrate battle moves. Prisoners from other packs also have this rank.

    Lone wolf: A wolf who is not part of a pack of any sort, usually solo or with a few traveling companions, wander the land in search of prey and shelter.

    Outcast: A wolf who has commit a horrible act and been banished from the pack, or a violent lone wolf. A danger, should be immediately killed when stumbled upon as they cannot be trusted.

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