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The Brightest of Us

In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.

    Thunder's Roar

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    Thunder's Roar

    Post by Leopard Spots on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:28 pm

    Thunder's Roar~60 moons~Pack of the Clashing Storm

    Thunder's Roar is a pure golden male with strangely silver eyes and a white muzzle. He has a tail with fur that sticks out in every direction, which many wolves think looks "like a hedgehog struck by lightning". His form is powerful, broad, and muscular. Thunder's Roar is noble and firm. he always thinks of his pack before himself and would die defending it. He has a strong hold on his pack, and would do anything to defend his current position, truly believing that he is the best possible leader for his pack. His pride gets in the way of many things, he is very stubborn and always believes he is correct, a huge flaw in his leadership. He does have a bit of a soft spot for omegas, and get angry at his packmates for abusing them they way they do.
    Thunder's Roar was born in his pack to two regular deltas during a violent storm, and taught like all pups to honor life in all shapes and take only when necessary. His mother and father died getting rid of a treacherous outcast. He grieved for long moons and swore to bring discipline to the pack, to stop violence and murder among his pack forever. As initiates, he excelled, and his siblings were a bit jealous but supported him fully. One of his siblings suffered from getting crushed by a tree branch. At the end of initiation, his youngest sister was named an omega. He promised her when he became leader, he'd make her a packer, or even a gamma, but she had little faith in him.
    Thunder's Roar woke up one morning to find his sister gone. He and his remaining siblings, a sister and a brother, went out to look for her. The only evidence they found of her was a tuft of amber fur caught on a river stone. His grief made him vicious, but his loyalty to the pack kept him there, trying his hardest to claw his way up from delta. Eventually, he made it to beta. The old alpha stepped down and he rose to his new position.
    Hunting - 6/10
    Fighting - 7/10
    Speed - 3/10
    Swimming - 2/10
    Leaping - 4/10
    Memory - 5/10

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