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In a world after the end, when humans are nearing extinction and their marks on the Earth are all but gone, the wolves rise. Tell their story, and shape the world.

    The edge of the boreal forest

    Leopard Spots

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    The edge of the boreal forest

    Post by Leopard Spots on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:56 pm

    A boreal forest in the Northern areas of the Pack of Clashing Thunder's territory. Though there's a lot of big prey here, like elk and moose, animals like lynxes and wolverines also populate the woods, so going in alone is not suggested. Small prey like snowshoe rabbits, ptarmigan, red squirrels, and voles live here, and are very tasty snacks. The terrain is rough, and the land is covered in evergreen trees. The forest stretches into the Pack of Falling Stars territory and the unknown. A few streams flow in from the border river.

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